Hi, I'm Mohsen!
For more than 3 past years I worked as a product designer and was amused by a new experience of co-founding a startup called DADSUN. Before this, I was a freelance graphic designer for 3 years and studied about user interfaces and digital experiences.

I'm a little generalist and my pride is learning things by myself then I had little experience in robot design, computer development and this is such a hobby for me because I enjoy technology.

I have a passion for solving people's problems by using various ways to impact their experiences and figuring out how to make things work better.


Let me tell you a story,
When I was a tween, I wanted to be a polymath who solving problems with new things look like Jimmy Neutron :D but I didn't get to know about design yet. However, I grew up and my parents bought a computer for me then I found new things and new fields called technology and design. I understood what that childhood passion was and learned more about it so fallen in love with designing, technology, and problem-solving :) but when I learn about psychology and found human-centered design, I realized it can be more and more.
In the end, I found my way to the future, which is making the world better by using design. I found myself between people's problems and technology.

My interest in human behavior pushing me into research about it and resolving their needs to make people satisfied. People's experiences make our world, imagine a world that everyone is pleased.

In my free time, I participate in events even help them to hold events and community as a volunteer. I like traveling, connecting with new people, knowing about other cultures, and having a lot of conversations :). I love watching movies, reading books, learning more, and having new challenges.