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DADSUN Platform ver.

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Our team contained Faeze (product manager), Saman and Shariar (back-end developer), Yeganeh (front-end developer), Hosein (designer), Saman (full stack developer) as my collaborators and I was product designer and design lead. We design products for both desktop and mobile platforms. This version of dadsun included some sub-products, for example, Messenger system, Applicants dashboard, Lawyers dashboard, Experts dashboards, Meeting system, Submit and manage demands tools, Lawyers profile, Main site, and other products are under NDA. Our outcome of this product was to prepare dadsun products for scale-up and improve users' experience and meet fit their needs.

Before start

As you probably read in the previous post about dadsun MVP (Study DADSUN MVP Ver.), we figured out what is main users' need, how can improve products, understand users more. So we were ready to step up and make the new version of dadsun.
In what follows, you can read about our journey to making the dadsun platform.


Competition and market:

After our MVP, new competitors appeared in the market so we had to track them, analyze their problems. We started to research and analyze the market to make satiated experiences for users more and increase our market shares.

dadsun market research document

Users needs:

We returned to our experiences of the MVP version and used past research to improve the product for users. We analyze and categorized past data to extract needed information, besides we did new research for additional information.

dadsun users persona

Business and services:

Our old services and business structure weren't capable of handling the new research results. So we needed to research it and find problems to re-design it.

business research results

Final result:

After this research, We found out users need to what, and how we can make experiences more delighted for users. We made our strategy for product and defined three simple principles that show our strategy in summary.

* More data about research are under NDA

dadsun simple products rules
dadsun platform site on mobile

Start creation

We got research results and understood our strategy. Then we started re-define business structure and re-design dadsun services. We designed detailed services and their process. So we planned how to provide them. We built the product foundation and design a step-to-step flow of service providing, product, and user steps.

Design product

At the early stage of design, we designed microservices, connected products to services, create product formation so sub-products and features were defined. We started wireframing and prototyping then testing them, after initial testing, we figured out that we need a pivot in product and services. We did it and repeated the wireframing-testing loop more and more to reached ideal product formation.

Detailed visual design

Design system:

Our sources and time in product development were limited so we had to design a design system and UI library that don't waste our sources on dispensable details, meanwhile, our design system should be appropriate to make expected experiences for users.

Final visual design:

We started final visual designs to make the product tangible. In this process, we had some changes in structure and wireframes to made products more mighty. Most final visual details were designed by Hosein(his Linkedin), my teammate. After the design, we collaborated with developers to execute and release products and achieve the best final result.

Users analyze system

Our main goal in business was made product ready to scale-up so we should planned to analyze users on large scale then we built a data-driven system for analyzing users. In this system, we use user behavior data, NPS and CSAT data, A/B test method, user action tracker... to analyze current features and plan for next phase products and features.

Final step

After the product release and did primary successful tests, I left the company for reasons. So this information is until then that I shared with you.