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If you were needed a lawyer, probably you figure out how much is hard finding a suitable lawyer that can reach you to your purpose. We saw this problem so decide to solve it through create a solution for it. We run the business around it. Our founding team included a marketing specialist, a legal expert, and two developers. We worked and researched together then understand that problems around the legal field are very scattered. That was a new problem with no example of solutions or products. We have a long way to a suitable solution and business. So our journey began.


• There were a lot of scattered problems and lazy markets.
• We didn't know which problems are the main people need in this field and which product and solution we should build. So our business was very blurred.
• Our knowledge of this field and its user was limited.
• Legal is a touchy area and the people and the government are so sensitive to it.

My impact

Our team included persons with different pieces of knowledge that help together to found our business. I help others to reach design thinking in the whole business. I help to build suitable problem research, problem-solving, and product design process for our works together. I designed products that we need and did visual design or brand identify works some times. Culture and process were so important at our startup so I checked them.


01. Primary research

In the first, we didn't understand the needs and market yet so we started market research through going directly to courts, surveyed to people with legal issues, spoke with lawyers' client at their office. We decided to do wide research so make a simple website that people can ask their legal question free and we answered that directly by that legal expert in our team.

02. Build a skeleton

After that research, we found out there are a lot of parameters in this market and people don't know any things about this area so we have a long way to a product-market fit. But we found the core problem and solution then began building primary business structure. We should have made MVP and tested it in a real state for a while. We planed for MVP and started to design it.

03. Design MVP started

A sign for our product:

In the first, our product needs a brand to recognize by people. We used past research and did new researches, We figure out people in legal issue pressure need peace and backer so our brand should have been supportive and soothing. We chose a suitable name and after a lot of sketching, testing, and feedback we design the final brand.

Next step, design MVP:

Our main strategy was making a simple product and adding new features and test them in multi phases, in this period we checked users directly and most users were case studied. We wanted to found main conditions and needs to reach product-market fit.

Making low-fi and prototype:

We designed a low-fi product according to some peoples' needs that we find. We reached a prototype of MVP after testing and reviewing. In the next step, we should have made production design and develop it.

Detailed visual design:

Our prototype was ready, We added visual detail and made production it to reach the final MVP design. Our plan was developed and released this MVP and adding some features in phases for testing, research, and find the right way.

Check and analyze users:

After release, we contact directly to users and get their feedbacks even study all users' behavior and their feedbacks, we launched different features at our MVP periodic according to users' needs. It helped us to figure out how we could make the right product.


After all this, we found different users' problems, that is lawyers are very busy and need an assistant for their works or applicants don't know well about the legal area or...
In the end, we had a more complete and clearer recognition of our users, it led us to make the next version of dadsun that is more fit to users' need.

You can read more about the next version by click link below: